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Monday, January 9, 2012


The anticipation of waiting for a letter is killer but there is something different about the anticipation of opening the letter. I went to the mailbox to check for a letter. I do this quite frequently. As I opened the mailbox, I slowly peak in the box looking for the cream envelope. Today there were two envelopes from Compassion. The first one contained Glory's packet. The second one had the blue writing on it that all sponsor wait for "Message from your sponsored child!" As I got the letter out of the mailbox, my feet quickly found there way back to my apartment. I tried to act calm (not that anyone is around to watch me). I put the letter on my couch and put a new dvd in my dvd player, grabbed a brownie, and then I slowly began opening my mail. I first opened Glory's information and read about how she lives with her grandmother and her father and her sibling (Simon her twin). After reading about Glory, I picked up the envelope with the letter. The anticipation was overwhelming. I slowly ripped into the envelope as I wondered what child this could be from. I had not heard from any of the kids in a long time. I was still waiting on introductory letters from Gift, Glory, and Apophia. I also hadn't heard from Karen, James, or Simon in nearly two months. I figured the letter could be from any of them.

As I opened the letter I saw handwriting that I had not recognized before. It was from Apophia! It was her introductory letter and now the relationship with this child has begun. I hope to get to know her and I look forward to her next letter.

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  1. I can't believe you waited that long to open it!! The suspension would be too much. I either open them right at the mail box, or I run into the house if there are letters for both my sister and I :) Glad you got a letter!!